Everything you can’t read in the glass


  1. Punti elencoThe farm where is the winery was built in 1890 by Pasquale Lazzari, father of Fausto. Right now, whole Lazzari family lives in this farm.

  2. Punti elencoFausto, born in 1932, is still working in the winery as support of the rest of the team. And he doesn’t want to stop!


  1. Punti elencoThe biggest part of the winery, which includes the tower and the tasting room, was built recently, in 2005.

  2. Punti elencoThe tower of the winery was built because of the old labels used in wines.

  3. Punti elencoThe winery runs on a photovoltaic power system which makes the winery energetically self-sufficient.

  4. Punti elencoThis photovoltaic power system permits to stabilize wines using cold, lowering the use of chemical products


  1. Punti elencoWhile following “Integrated Viticolture” principles and using less chemical products in winery, Lazzari family is reducing the use of sulphites, but without believe to the complete elimination of them using other kind of products.

  2. Punti elencoScanning the QRcode on the back label with a smartphone you can see every wine specification, including the exact content of sulphites.

  3. Punti elencoLazzari’s Capriano del Colle DOC White is dedicated to Fausto unshakeable white-wine lover. He doesn’t drink any other wine except of this.

  4. Punti elencoIn 2003 Lazzari began using decreasing productivity in order to improve quality of the grapes for Riserva degli Angeli production. This created tension inside Lazzari family because of Fausto wasn’t excepting the idea of throw away a great part of production. The result has made him change opinion.

For much other curiosities on Lazzari winery, you can ask for a winery tour at info@lazzarivini.it .

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