Lazzari vineyard is situated at Capriano del Colle, a little country town close to Montenetto hill (150-170 m above sea level and only 12 kilometres south from Brescia).   The hill, characterized by an alluvial and clayeyd soil and by a particular microclimate gives origin to  a high-quality vine.

The vineyard extends for 8 hectares over the hill while the headquarters and the cellars are still located in the old town centre.


For three generations, Lazzari brothers have devoted themselves to different agricultural tasks:  animal breeding, farming and wine making. In 1993, Giovanni and Dario took the control of the farm and draw their attention exclusively to their vineyard, specializing in grape growing and wine making, in order to get a high quality product. That’s why they extended the land of their vineyard, and changed the old “Pergola bresciana” into more  modern growing systems, like Guyot and Cordone Speronato, indispensable evolution stages to quality improvement.

In 1995 the brothers expanded their vineyard finding immediate good commercial results; their efforts were highly appreciated by oenologists. In 2005, wine cellars were enlarged and a lot of investments were made both on technology and commerce.

Thanks to this enlargement, the winery can now be at disposal of anyone, either people who would like to buy directly from the producers or associations such as:  AIS (National Sommeliers Association), ONAV (National Wine Tasters Association) or “Strade del Vino: Colli dei Longobardi” (Wine Roads: Longobards’ Hills).


Lazzari brothers have always been using an “integrated” viticulture, with careful consideration of environmental programs subsidized by the European Community through Wine OCM (Common Organisation of the Market). That’s why their productive philosophy focuses on natures respect towards an ideal symbiosis between vineyard and environment. It derives a particular vineyard care, based on meticulous agronomic interventions and great attention to plant requirements and commercial needs.

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